How it works?

Clusterzap is a platform that not only connects with customers but also makes your job easy in developing web portal/Micro sites/ Campaigns providing you the complete ecosystem of marketing solutions. Our idea of developing Clusterzap is to help non technical people get the hold of complete platform and perform the operations independently.

Simple steps to get associated with us and to benefit from Clusterzap platform

  • Customers subscribe for Clusterzap
  • Clusterzap team will do the on boarding and support for implementation
  • All the features of the platform are activated
  • Customers are trained for ease of use of the platform
  • Customers will be able to update changes on the web portal, develop microsites, landing pages and calls to action, option to select the template of your choice/ upload designed templates, Access images through image library, connect with customers for transactional email service, Integrate with social media and publish with click of a button, Integrate with sales force, Microsoft dynamics, any CRM application, generate full report on the dashboard/ deep in with specific analytical feature like web, email , SEO and Social Media analytics.
  • Analyze and improve the performance of your digital marketing activities
  • Increase your brand value by using the complete features of Clusterzap platform
  • Just a call away for any support – Technical, Marketing and usability of the platform
  • Create, Engage, Automate from Clusterzap marketing ecosystem features.

Develop , the easy way

Develop the complete marketing ecosystem with clusterzap Platform. Our idea of developing clusterzap is to help non technical people get the hold of complete platform and perform without taking any help from the technical people.