Flexible Web Portal

Are you looking for a Content Management System that makes it easy to publish content in one click?Allows full HTML5/CSS3 source code access, with option to build portals up to 5000 pages. Flexible and easy for both novice and experienced developers.

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Responsive Design

Clusterzap makes your website look good on any device. Built using responsive design, your website, landing pages, blog and email will automatically adjust to whatever device is viewing it without any extra work on your end. All the portals that are built with Clusterzap platform will be responsive in nature.

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Clusterzap has in built SEO optimizer to improve keyword rankings: It’s always important to track your rankings and those of your competitors in order to analyze and implement target areas of improvement.

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Cloud Asset Manager

Clusterzap‘s CAM is integrated internally in order to manage your cloud Assets such as images, scripts, xml, pdf, videos that are part of the web/social infrastructure filtered to your precise needs.

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Template Library

Customers can choose among different templates that will be available for them. Choose the best suited for your need and you are ready to go! This is even applicable for micro site/ landing pages and can be easily integrated with the same.

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Web Editor

Use dynamic WYSWYG Editor for direct onscreen content editing. Redesign your website on Clusterzap by editing the live published web page .

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Develop , the easy way

Develop the complete marketing ecosystem with clusterzap Platform. Our idea of developing clusterzap is to help non technical people get the hold of complete platform and perform without taking any help from the technical people.