You’re in good hands. Clusterzap Analytics records events continuously, covering the complete customer lifecycle from first interaction to most recent conversion. Target audience will be tracked across channels such as web portal, microsites, social media, email etc and will be provided in a single dashboard to analyze the performance.


Who doesn’t want to follow their customers? Customers are everywhere and present across different media such as websites, social media, advertisement etc. Track all those customers who are visiting the website and analyze the medium they have come through. This will give the complete picture of your targeted customers and their need s to convert them as leads. Clusterzap web analytics platform helps you get all the details such as how many customers visited the website? How many pages each customers visited? Time spent in respective pages? How many unique visitors? How many customers are converted? Track the route people take to reach you? etc. All these information are provided in a simple reporting format which is easy to analyze, understand and improve the performance.


Clusterzap SEO analyzer produces the complete report for a page or website and analyzes the most important factors that are used by the major search engines. This provides the detailed report which will help to optimize your website. Our SEO tool allows you to check the performance of your site and also helps to improve the visibility of the website for search engines. This will help for natural ranking of your site and increase the potential number of visitors to your website.

Clusterzap SEO tool provides the page rank and allows you to keep the track of your website performance with respect to search engines.


Get deliver, open click, and churn data for your emails. Analyze the data for overall performance, engaged contacts, conversions etc


Identify the visits, contacts, and customers generated through your landing page. Create a list of your contacts and customers. View your Calls To Action s visit-to-click conversion ratio with Clusterzap CTA reporting.

Develop , the easy way

Develop the complete marketing ecosystem with clusterzap Platform. Our idea of developing clusterzap is to help non technical people get the hold of complete platform and perform without taking any help from the technical people.