Build effective emails that drive results

We have incorporated multiple options for producing the effective email template which will help you to perform better in the industry. You have deployed most attractive web portal or microsite and feel that it can drive better results if we are running campaign with that. clusterzap has a flexible option to edit your portal /microsite page and convert them as email template. Same designs are replicated in your email body. Make the changes by adding relevant text, attractive subject lines and the next campaign is ready to go. With most of the email service providers, setting up the email itself is a difficult task even though they might give an option to run the integrated campaign.

clusterzap also comes with integrated image library and templates which can also be made use to set up the emails for running the campaigns. Optimize your email at the time of creating it. This can be further integrated with landing pages and microsites. Different ways of effectively running the campaign can be known through clusterzap Campaign Management

A/B testing

Unlike any other tool in the market, clusterzap can run tests on your ongoing campaigns through A/B testing. Let’s say you send an email every time someone makes a purchase on your website. clusterzap can send a test email as a small percentage of those targeted emails. Performance of this targeted email can be checked. If the performance of this targeted campaign is as per our expectations/it outperforms, sender can plan their future campaigns accordingly. With the help of our instant editor, any changes can be updated very easily in order to keep the next campaign ready for launch.

Develop , the easy way

Develop the complete marketing ecosystem with clusterzap Platform. Our idea of developing clusterzap is to help non technical people get the hold of complete platform and perform without taking any help from the technical people.