What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to the use of software to implement a process which displays, creates and sends marketing messages on the basis of certain criteria. The main functionality of marketing automation is to help find the right audience for your product or service, customer engagement and brand management. It envisages driving customer leads and helps organisations maintain a better brand experience for its customers.

Marketing Automation incorporates campaigns through direct mail, phone campaigns, online, social and use of mobile marketing initiatives. It covers a wide arena of processes which includes customer relationship management, customer segmentation, social marketing and mobile marketing campaigns, lead management system, customer data integration, web analytics platform, marketing analytics, engagement marketing, customer lifecycle management and campaign management.

These automation tools have a definitive edge over traditional forms of reaching out to customers in the very essence that unlike manual marketing campaigns, these automations can be left running in the background system, thereby allowing the marketing managers to focus their attention and time to other activities of sales and marketing. In the highly digitised world in we live in, it is a given fact that manual marketing processes cannot handle what it takes to generate personalized buying experience for customers at each and every step of the buying process. It is the need of the hour for organisations today to have a robust and insight-focussed marketing plan which can make the difference between an engaged seller and not-so engaged one and having the right marketing automation package at the helm can surely be an integral component of the marketing strategy for organisations to bring value and ROI to its marketing efforts.


Use dynamic WYSWYG Editor for direct onscreen content editing. Redesign your website on Clusterzap by editing the live published web page. Clusterzap comes with inbuilt source editor which makes it very easy to edit the content/interface/ images with an easy editing interface and a flexible design center, Clusterzap has the design range to satisfy everyone on your team, from marketers to advanced coders


Customers can choose among different templates that will be available for them. Choose the best suited for your need and you are ready to go! This is even applicable for micro site/ landing pages and can be easily integrated with the same Your customer will not be of one type. They will be from multiple industry domains and will be diversified. One size fits all may not hold well in these scenarios and website should not be compromised for this reason. We have equipped Clusterzap in such a way that it enables you to customize your website content, forms, images and CTAs catering to every need of visitors and customers. Customize based on where a visitor is in their buying process, so your loyal customers receive a different website experience than first-time visitors. This can be done through usage of templates in template library just follow the easy steps below
  • Every template has multiple pages Layouting option
  • Multi page layouts that are available
  • Multi design pages that are available
  • Build using iterative web building technique
  • choose what page you want in the template instead of loading the entire templat

Digital Asset Manager

Clusterzap‘s DAM is integrated internally in order to manage your cloud Assets such as images, scripts, xml, pdf, videos that are part of the web/social infrastructure filtered to your precise needs. DAM is equipped with powerful enterprise content delivery network system that is locally redundant. This helps to have high availability over all the web assets that are used in the system


Clusterzap has in built SEO optimizer to improve keyword rankings: It’s always important to track your rankings and those of your competitors in order to analyze and implement target areas of improvement. Respective keywords have to be inserted accordingly. SEO optimization can be done with sophisticated and an easy way of inserting the keywords with Clusterzap SEO’s easy to add buttons .These keywords will be inserted and saved by click of a button. Insertion of keywords for SEO is completed to boost the site performance. Again, no need to edit the source code at all! Just focus your efforts on keywords that will drive revenue and enjoy good visibility. SEO optimization can be done for both the main domains and also for the micro site
. Publish the site with one click publishing of content: and create WYSIWYG landing page. This will help them to improve the web traffic on the website and can be tracked through our analytics feature

CMS with responsive design

Clusterzap makes your website look good on any device. Built using responsive design, your website, landing pages, blog and email will automatically adjust to whatever device is viewing it without any extra work on your end. All the portals that are built with Clusterzap platform will be responsive in nature.


Calls-to-Action have one specific purpose; convert the visitor to become a lead/ loyal customers to make a buy frequently.
But how about creating CTAs that are based on the context every time the visitor made to visit the website? clusterzap CTAs allow you to easily build custom, dynamic calls-to-action that drive more conversions by testing what works and removing all those that won’t work.
Micro sites can be updated with in fraction of minutes. So every time you want to run the campaign or improve your ad presence, you have clusterzap to support instantly.
clusterzap calls-to-action are designed in way that delivers results connecting different channels.
Customize your calls-to-action based on location, source, device, persona, industry, and more. Deliver relevant and effective CTAs to the right people at the right time.
Create CTAs with clusterzap without any design or code needed. With the clusterzap CTA builder, you can easily create, edit, and implement calls-to-action that drive results.
There's no need to guess anymore with A/B testing for CTAs to automatically gather performance data on which works better.
clusterzap CTA can be integrated with email, online advertisements, social media campaigns and will yield best results. clusterzap allows you to create effective CTAs in seconds. Our in build image library will come handy even with this.
clusterzap CTA can be created in such a way that you can customize your marketing activities by showing the most relevant buttons to your audience throughout the buying cycle. Increase the conversion from the existing funnel or to the loyal customers by displaying the targeted offers and educating the customers on a product or a service.
Customers can use clusterzap CTA to perform A/B testing across devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop. If you ever have a doubt that what will work better for your customers. Simply test the CTA by having two different micro sites. Choose the one which has better results.

Marketing Analytics

Clusterzap platform comes with advanced analytics integration to help companies measure and maximize the ROI of programs across all channels to attract potential buyers and convert them into customers.
Information will be available in just one click in this modern internet world. Everyone will do research before buying a particular product or a service. This means that the customers will have a complete visibility on your product as well as with your competitor’s product. We should implement all possible options to make sure we reach those potential customers who are in search of us.
In order to achieve the above, we should create informative, innovative valuable content which will be distributed across different online channels so it can attract and engage visitors further converting them into buye

Vendor Promotion

Most of the companies will have marketing partners, channel partners, distributors, freelancers in their marketing eco system. Everyone would like to get the visibility and would like to increase the sales funnel to sustain in the competitive world.
Clusterzap vendor promotion will provide the platform to do co branding. Campaigns can be easily run through the platform by adding the vendor’s logo/any other branding with their contact to get more leads. We have couple of working models for catering to this need. Companies can provide vendor promotion access with specific approvals to run the campaigns or any activity within the platform for promotional activities. Encouraging, motivating and generating more leads from your vendors are made easy by integrating them to our platform

Create better quality leads

Expectation of any organization /sales team will be get more leads out of the marketing activities. Lead generation describes the marketing process of capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. It has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years due to the rise of new online and social techniques in this new era of digital world. 

With clusterzap’s lead generation capabilities, you can:
  • Drive top-of-funnel traffic with outbound lead generation programs including events, content, search, email and more
  • Convert traffic into leads using dynamic landing pages and progressive forms
  • Develop raw inquiries into sales-ready leads via relevant, Customized lead nurturing campaigns


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