Up sell and Cross sell

Cross sell or up sell will be made easy with our single click publishing of web portal. Simultaneously the same web portal page can be used to run campaigns, update in social media, run a targeted A/B testing campaigns without having to design any further specific pages which can be time consuming . You can keep them posted with all the developments in a sophisticated manner. This will help to be in touch with the customers and develop a better relationship to with you for long run. All the customer data can be collected accordingly to build the funnel for future use. Our customers can use this feature for educating and engaging customers over time. Measure the revenue impact of the effectiveness of the campaigns and boost your visibility across all the channels. 

clusterzap helps you go beyond one-off campaigns to create intelligent conversations that deepen customer relationships over time.
  • There will be sometimes where you actually doesn’t want to push the customers to buy but there is a need to be in touch with conversations that engage, encourage build loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value and retention
  • Customize digital interactions to present the next best offer for each customer
  • Engage with customers with a consistent cross-channel experience
clusterzap helps you go beyond batch and blast campaigns and create meaningful customer dialogs that improve retention and loyalty.

Cross Channel Management

We would have felt the need of the single platform for engaging across multiple channels which will ease our purpose and better results. Clusterzap has a built-in capability to engage people continuously across channels including web portals, email, web, mobile, events, direct mail, and social media. Performance can be enhanced by targeting customers across multiple platforms. This will increase the response an traffic and response for the web portal/micro site
 thereby increasing the conversion rate

Event Management with ROI Tracking

Clusterzap provides a platform for you to manage anything from a simple webinar /all the way to a large scale conference, at scale with minimal rework. 
Events/webinars/Live demonstrations provide opportunity to connect with prospects and customers. Events will get better response through series of digital marketing campaigns whether it's live in-person or online. clusterzap marketing platform provides the easy way of developing and managing the events digitally. This will help us to track and increase the response rate of every activity.
With clusterzap, events are easy and completely flexible to manage. With clusterzap, you can easily:
  • Connect to popular third-party technologies such as Adobe® Connect, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToWebinar®, ON24 and ReadyTalk etc.
  • Configure an event, including emails, forms and landing pages, to minimize efforts for future events.
  • Analyze the performance of the event with our analytics integration.

Social Monitoring

  • Connect with new Contacts for your business
  • Connect with Prospects
  • The Contacts in your database are your most important marketing asset.
  • Review detailed Contact Records on any Contact in your database.
  • Browse all your Lists, or filter by any Smart or Static List to view specific leads and Contacts.
  • Dig into your recent Email sends to see your most engaged Contact

Social Media Management

Social media campaigns can be run by our one click publishing feature. We can use the portal/micro site/landing pages for multiple purposes which can be further used as social media page/share designs. Further integrations in social marketing such as referral campaigns, social polls, social media publishing, intelligent social sharing, analytics, etc can be achieved with the same

Survey's made simple

Drag and drop builder can be further expanded to run the surveys to get the customer feedback whether it’s a new product launch or running the campaign for relationship building. We have provided additional add on buttons to further enhance our platform to provide unique experience for conducting surveys.
clusterzap can be integrated with any of the survey tools available in the market if they have to do in-depth analysis of the customer data. These data will be integrated with our platform to provide integrated analytics representing in our dashboard.

Drag and Drop form builder

We have landing pages, micro sites, online advertisements and question that arises is how we capture the customer data. Whenever the campaigns are launched, there is a click that happens from the customer’s side, we may have to capture all his contact details which will help us to enter into the next stage of the sales cycle. Raw data will be converted as lead at this time. All our campaigns must be integrated with sophisticated customer information capturing form to fetch their data.
Clusterzap has been integrated with Form builder with drag and drop facility. All the contacts such as name, company, email, mobile number etc is already in the platform and can been when they start building the forms. Customers have to just drag and drop the respective fields relevant to them as per their targeted campaigns bridging the gap to convert the leads. All the leads will be captured inside the system and campaign performance can be evaluated accordingly.

Smart Contact Management

Customers are able to develop attractive dynamic web portal, landing pages, microsites, and email templates easily with clusterzap platform. It makes it easier to run the campaign if we have option to integrated customer’s data within the platform. clusterzap Contact Management just provides that!
All the customers contact details can be added either individually or a group through this option. Customers can segment their database as per their requirement which will be helpful in running the campaign. Every time a sale happens or lead is converted into the next stage, same can be added as a separate list. Customer relationship and loyalty can be built through running the targeted campaigns accordingly. Multiple such groups can be created and the campaigns can be planned to drive top of the funnel traffic to the website

Increase advertising performance with Marketing Automation

With Clusterzap’s Analytics, you can optimize your advertising spend by analyzing content effectiveness. Once your customer clicks the advertisement that is publish in any media, its conversion depends on how well you have developed the landing page in the micro site. Learn which content works best per target segment or industry and then leverage that content for paid and social media campaigns. Identify relevant organizations and industries driven by your campaigns from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords and more. Use Clusterzap Real-Time customization to check which ads and ad networks are actually bringing you the most qualified leads, not just the quantity of clicks

Microsites and Conversions

Micro sites plays different role depending on the need of the customer. This can be the individual page or cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website or as a complement to a new activity. Micro sites are used purely for the commercial purpose and help to increase lead generation or convert more customers. Even your advertising spend depends on this. Once the customers click the ad, it will be diverted to micro site and the conversion depends on how well we have developed the landing page in the micro site. Micro site will be required each time you want to run a campaign for an event, webinar, new product launches, etc


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