Lowest Total cost of Ownership
Choose the plan that is right for your business


Not only Clusterzap is a dependable and easy to use platform,
It’s also adaptable to your needs. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, let your digital marketing operations flow like a river, even as you control the currents.


The software when there is a need will not be easily available in the market. Packaged solutions may not be sufficient or cater to the requirement in your organization. We can build and customize as per your requirement with its specifications matching as per the need with efficient delivery.

Develop scalable solutions that can reduce development cycles with architectures that supports 24/7 operations to address functional gaps and loop with business goals developing the time and cost effective application.

Integrate with the industry’s leading CRM, ERP, E-commerce, Survey sites, web conferencing, and any other key data sources that provide better results and helping in getting the system completely automated. We can integrate with Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Industry Recognized Survey Tools and Web Conferencing Tools.

We support business goals by integrating multiple technologies and platforms that leverages on marketing automation and integrating all the entities to drive result.

Customers can choose from the package option in the pricing page. Payment can be made online via various payment options that is available by clicking the PURCHASE NOW link. Customers will get the notifications for the successful payment made. Clusterzap team creates the customer id and login credentials to provide access to use the platform. There will be dedicated training sessions to help customers get hands on experience to run the marketing campaigns. Customers can reach out to our support team as and when they require any help.
Clusterzap offers various packages as per the need of the customers - Startup Packages will be good for businesses starting new and beginners for digital marketing. This will ensure that they will get firsthand experience of executing campaigns, supporting them to transform the business. SME package will be good for companies who are looking to scale their marketing access having multiple users executing marketing activities. Large Cluster is for large enterprises who are looking to integrate all of their marketing activities and drive revenue from there. Customers can choose the packages as per their requirement or call us to help you choose one!
All prices for themes, templates and other items, including each seller's or buyer's account balance are in USD
Phone and email support will be provided for all packages - Startup, Small and Large Cluster. We will also provide the training kit with user manual and videos to all our customers making it easy to use the platform. There will be dedicated training of 2 hours at the time of on boarding. Customers can also request the dedicated support hours/account managers as per their need. Our team will address the request accordingly.
There is NO cost for free trial which is offered for free for 10 days. Customers will be able to set up and run all the marketing activities during these days. Customers can fill the form requesting for the demo access. Our team members will take you through the live demo and provide the required demo access. At the end of 10days, Customers can choose from packages to subscribe for Clusterzap
Clusterzap doesn't have any on boarding fees. Customers will be able to use the platform as soon as they get the login credentials, after making the payment. Clusterzap is a “DO IT YOURSELF" tool and customers can start working accordingly. In the event of any migrations of data/ web assets, integrations, and customizations - Our team will access the requirement and communicate the cost involved by time and effort basis to fulfill the requirement. Clusterzap is purely a marketing technology company and can refer to the partners for any service related execution.
Clusterzap packages are devised based on the feedback from different set of customers. There will be certain limit as specified in the features for their respective packages. Up gradations can be done only within that limit. Customers have to wait for the completion of their time period to upgrade to next package or purchase the new package. These time periods can be monthly, quarterly, yearly or for 3 years. There will not be any price discounts when opting for the upgraded package.
Clusterzap has payment packages of monthly, quarterly, yearly or for 3 years. Customers will be opting the packages as per their choice. We don’t issue any refunds.
Enterprise package will have all superior package compared to all other packages. This can be further customized as per their objectives, goals and marketing processes. Contract can be for 1, 3 or 5 years with custom agreement.

Get in touch with our team for any clarifications you may have regarding pricing and subscription.