• 2014 August

    Our first step

    Our first step

    How efficient would digital marketing operations become if I had a single platform that could control multi-channel campaigning? It would become so easy for non-technical resources to grasp the concept and run with it, thanks to a higher level analytics and intelligence engine.

    Clusterzap was the thought process of Nikhil M S, a technology evangelist and a marketing expert.

  • 2014 December

    First achievements

    Like the teething of a new born baby, the first phases were the most difficult ones. Through the slippery slopes of the start up landscape, Clusterzap finally managed to create an identity that it would cling on to and evolve from in later years.

    • Setting up timelines for development
    • Made the initial investment of capital
    • Developed a dedicated team for tech support
    • Pitched for sales to 10 companies across the world
    • Learnt the hard lessons of implementation
    • Developed the basic module after testing phase
    • On-boarded the first big customer from the Middle East
  • 2015 September

    The way ahead

    After steadying the ship in the first two years, Clusterzap continued its evolution in 2015. The development of the digital marketing automation platform was based on customer feedback, which was coming in steadily as the client base grew. The company closed the year with 35 customers.

  • 2016 August

    Point break

    The next step to Clusterzap’s story came in the form of two huge adviser recruitments - Shreesha Ramdas, marketing maverick fresh from exiting his own successful start-up, and Anubhav Saxena, global operating leader with more than 20 years of experience

    The product road map for Clusterzap was further cemented, as the company took major steps to establish itself as a global heavyweight based on the SaaS model.

    • Two big advisers on board
    • Development of SaaS model
    • Developed practical channel partner programs
    • Added customers from India and abroad
  • 2017 April

    Back to the past

    Things got bigger and better in 2017, as Clusterzap partnered with two global enterprises. Operations were progressing without a snag and business development was escalating rapidly.

    The focus then shifted to developing and testing programmatic CMS, something which the company feels will be a game changer in Conversion Rate Optimization for their clientele.

  • 2017 November

    At present

    Clusterzap is now poised to launch its programmatic CMS tool globally. The platform itself has diversified into a feature-rich fulfilment of the original blueprint, a single channel platform that operates across multiple channels and is easy to use. A diverse clientele, top-notch resources, rapid development- it’s all happening here.

    Business development is what the company is now aggressively pursuing. Setting up base in the Middle East, Clusterzap now looks to launch itself as one of the best digital marketing processes on the planet.