Clusterzap Platform

Email Automation

Get better looking emails out faster. Send them to your lead’s inbox at just the right time. Make sure they’re never, ever mistaken for spam.


Easy Drag and drop

Extra hours spent in email production doesn’t really do much for your conversion rates, but you also need to ensure that your email is top quality and not spam material. Use clusterzap’s easy drag and drop to build and edit emails on the go!


Template library

Making changes on the go has never been easier. Use a variety of attractive templates and put in the creative content in the initial phase, all you need to do after that is monitor market response and make easy changes when you need to.


Responsive Emails

Design emails that displays beautifully and adjusts accordingly on any device of view. Use our drag and drop or template section to create your emails that catches the eye of every customer!


Create your own Templates

Use or advance drag and drop or template builder to create your own templates, which you can use repetitively in your future campaigns.


Personalize Email marketing

A switch to automation doesn’t equal to a hit on creativity. In fact, Clusterzap helps enhance the personalization factor to make the email more attractive to your potential customer. All of this gives your lead the feeling that it’s a personal interaction, leading to better chances of conversion

HTML Editing

Edit and code your Emailers using our advanced HTML Editor. Clusterzap is not only designed for non-technical people, it also satiates hard core developers/UI designers. Use our advanced HTML editor to code your emails or use your existing html code inside Clusterzap’s advanced HTML editor.

Behavior based Email Analytics

The most important aspect of marketing isn’t interacting with your customer, it’s knowing your customer! Clusterzap helps you understand your market so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Our advance email analytics helps you to determine customer behavior for every campaign you run

Contacts Management

Clusterzap’s contact management will help you to organize all your marketing lists, contacts in centralized address book who can be engaged using Email / Mobile marketing.

Journey Builder

Journey builder is key to design advanced drip campaigns. It gives a visual representation and easy way to build your campaign strategy.