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Benefits of Clusterzap

Clusterzap will ensure that all of your marketing campaigns get a digital makeover, with cutting edge practices boosting efficiency sky high.

Build your website or edit without IT support

Build webpages, landing pages, Emails by using simple drag and drop components that supports visitors from all devices

Easily grow your visitors on the website

With search engine keyword marketing, easily reach wider audience by offering right content.

Convert Anonymous web visitors to Leads

With our easy drag and drop tools, design landing page that can attract more visitors and build SEO to drive traffic to such pages. This is the key for CRO and will result in more leads.

Reach your audience across all Channels

Reach your audience using advanced Email drips, Social Media, Push and Mobile marketing methodologies from a single place.

Drive more traffic to web pages and improve conversion rates

Design amazing Calls-to-action Landing pages by simple drag drop method and get more leads. Drive traffic to web or landing page by running Omni channel automated campaign strategy.

Convert leads to Customers with the help of dynamic forms

Using our marketing channels, market and nurture your lead base and attract them to become your valued customers.

Identify every visitor with our Visitor Tracker

Clusterzap provides easy to identify visitor tracker, which helps you to identify each and every visitor behavior till he converts and become a lead.

Track User Behaviour with Advanced Analytics

With our advanced analytics, Businesses can understand customer behavior and fine tune their landing pages/ Campaign strategy to get maximum leverage.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are a single page websites created to target specific events or product marketing. Having multiple Landing pages enhances every other digital marketing tactic. These landing pages acts as a backlinks for your website and increases your SEO and traffic. No technical team is required to create your Landing pages. If you know how to use Gmail and PowerPoint you can as well easily create landing pages just by a simple drag and drop.

Drag and Drop Email designer

How do you get your lead to pay special attention to your email? How do you stand out from the dozens of emails that are hitting their inbox every day? How can you make that conversion from one simple mailer? Build eye catching Emails with just click of buttons. Without any technical knowledge build beautiful drag and drop functionality build beautiful email in minutes. Impress your customers and get more business!

Campaign Automation

Multiple marketers across multiple channels handling multiple accounts is a formula for increased inefficiencies, not a recipe for success. Clusterzap’s campaign automation lets you create an optimal marketing campaign across several channels with ease. You can completely customize it according to your need! With attractive and effective templates, you can target customers through emails, social media, push notifications and SMS. Run a pilot test, make changes on the go, and receive extensive analytics – thereby determining accurate behavior of your customers and run a full fledged campaign!

Marketing Analytics

Marketers need to know their market, know their customers, and know their data Phew! Luckily, there is a treasure chest of data waiting for you out there that could optimize your marketing strategy. Equipped with competitive intelligence, industry benchmarks and marketing benchmarks, Clusterzap analytics’ role is to give you a clean, clear and precise information so you don’t lose out on precious conversions. What more? The platform’s ability to showcase data and create a marketing roadmap, and planning your marketing activities by analysing trends in the market to kill competition. Our platform will present you with series of dashboards which will help you to understand the trends and increase your conversion on a digital scale.

AI Content helper

Use our AI based content helper to generate multiple versions of the same content. For any campaign to become success, Content plays a vital role. “Content is king” in online marketing world. With the help of Artificial intelligence, now you can generate multiple variations of the same contents within few clicks. Just load your contents and generate multiple variations of the same content without changing the meaning. The multiple variations can be used for blogging, Link Building, Websites, Landing pages, Push messaging and social messaging. This avoids duplication of content on the web thereby increasing your chances of having a good page rank.

Content Management System

Behind every brilliant website is a smoothly functioning content management system. In the competitive online market, the right CMS can go a long way in easing pressure off the tech team and allowing you to focus on pushing the product without worrying about the platform. The Clusterzap CMS engine can be the driving force behind your web portal, capable of sustaining a load of One million web pages. The technology utilizes full HTML5/CSS3 source code, giving it greater flexibility. This makes it an ideal choice for seasoned web developers and novices alike. Multi variant/ layouting is another feature that Clusterzap provides to maximum the efficiency of development. The platform supports multiple page designs that can be triggered to give customers different interactive experiences according to the needs of the hour.


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