Clusterzap Platform

Mobile Marketing Automation

You can engage with your customers using various mobile methodologies. Based on the geography of your customers you can device a campaign strategy to target network based messaging (SMS) or mobile push messaging.


SMS Marketing

Text messages have a read rate of more than 95%, is the most effective engagement channel companies can use to interact with their customers. Clusterzap provides advanced SMS marketing to track user activity and convert analog users to digital users. You can send offers, notifications, and promotions using our SMS Engine. Know the customer behavior, SMS analytics and do much more using our SMS cloud. Using our advanced SMS module, you will be able to track clicks on links and track at individual lead level.


Mobile Push

Design your push messages to reach your mobile customers. Make your customers see the notifications first and take action based on the content. Notifications are the primary traffic source for most mobile apps. When you pick your phone, the first thing you notice is your notifications or alerts. Push notifications are the first choice for re-engagement with your customers.


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