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Social Media Automation

Manage all your social media in one place


Social Creative Designer

User our easy to use drag and drop Image editor to modify and add brand visibility to your Image assets. Put your key marketing messages and logos on your assets using Clusterzap’s easy to use Image editor. Use these assets across social channels to get more brand visibility.


Social Scheduling Tool

Keep your social presence on throughout the day scheduling multiple posts across multiple channels. This helps you increase your brand awareness. Clusterzap helps you handle multiple channels on multiple websites without any hassles. Don’t waste resources on basic functionality - Let social media automation take your social media presence to the next level?


Social Engagement

Let your leads know you as more than a product. Clusterzap helps you engage with leads and established customers, developing a mutually beneficial relationship. Regular scheduled posts on the social channels helps to increase brand visibility and helps customer engage more with the brand. More engagement means more Brand followers in the positive sense. What’s better than having hundreds of leads messaging you about your product? What’s worse than not having the resources to deal with these queries?


Social Conversion

With an unprecedented number of people on social media, it has become the biggest pool for potential customers that your business can tap into. Optimize your social traffic. Target your destined landing pages and market it organically across social channels to get maximum visibility. How many friends do you have who aren’t on either Facebook or Twitter? We’d venture to say less than a dozen. A successful social media marketing campaign can take your product to a massive audience, and Clusterzap is designed to help you do that with minimal resources and investment. With all the tools you need to reach out to the target demographic and come back with a high number of conversions, Clusterzap’ s social media automation is your key to the social media goldmine. Build your creatives in a jiffy.


Social Analytics

View your current performance, understand where to improve, implement, improve visibility, and watch the customers flock in. Social dashboards helps you to understand your brand visibility, trends and customer engagement at a macro level. This will help to design micro level campaigns for targeted audiences.


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