The bullet train of
marketing is already here!
Are you on it?

Create Campaigns-Monitor Data-Increase Conversions-Delight Customers


Can I manage all my marketing activities on one sign-in? Can I automate Web, Testing, Social, Content and all the digital initiatives? These are the exact questions the founding team had in 2014 before they created Clusterzap, the brainchild of two energetic engineers. The fundamentals it was built on includes integrated marketing, automation and bespoke.

Is that it? No, there is more. Clusterzap also has access to in-depth analytics and reporting, dashboard view for ease of management testing,conversion optimisation and many other tools to make your marketing management a breeze.

The customisation on various channels such as web pages, colours, landing pages and viewing experience further enhances user experience, to give the right content at the right time to the right person.

High on customer satisfaction, easy on management, this full-stack marketing platform is waiting to be discovered.

Clusterzap improves customer engagement and takes your marketing strategy to the next level. A free trail awaits you here.


Heard of “everything” in Marketing? That’s what we do – What’s more? We have automated it! Automate campaigns, social activities, emails, analytics and more. A CMS that does it all for you – Create, Track, Engage, Analyse and Improvise.

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